Turnip in Turmeric

(Difficulty:Very easy)
(Cooking time: 30 minutes)


When my Indian/American girl friend was a starting designer working for a company, she used to go to Delhi on business.She was fed lunches at the factory where she was working. They were cooked by the mother of the factory owner.This is where she learned this recipe.Now itís my honor to pass on to you this tasty but extremely easy-to-make dish.Please do not overcook turnips so that you can retain the wonderful texture of grated turnips.


Three turnips

1 teaspoon of vegetable oil

ľ teaspoon of turmeric

ľ teaspoon of cayenne pepper

A pinch of salt


Peel and grate turnips.Heat the oil in a thick bottomed pot or pan, add everything in it.Cook by stirring all the time about 5 minutes.Serve immediately.


Serves 2


Another variation:You can use Daikon instead of turnips for the same effect.