Masala Chai Indian Tea

(Difficulty: Very easy)
(Cooking time: 20 minutes)


In India or in Japan, we take pride in making and drinking tea. Even though you might not be a connoisseur, I highly recommend that you try this tea. One warning; this is so good that it can be highly addictive.


Masala Chai is brewed with many spices, which make it extremely aromatic. It is wonderful after spicy Indian food to clean your palate, but is also good after any type of meal or for tea time with some spiced-up cookies or cakes. It is often cooked with milk and tea leaves, however, this makes tea very bitter and hard to cook because milk is very easy to scorch. In India unsweetened Masala Chai is almost unthinkable, but I like it without sugar. This recipe is my modification after some trial and error. This makes two mug cups.


3 cups water

4 green cardamom pods (smash lightly to reveal seeds)

5 cloves

1 to 2 bay leaves (depending on the size) (break into pieces)

2 inches cinnamon stick

4 to 6 slices of fresh ginger (depending on the size)

2 tsps of Ceylon tea (strong one is better, I use Brookbond Red Label)




Put all spices into the water. Bring it to boil, turn down and simmer covered at least 10 minutes (now I cook 15 to 20 minutes, if I can wait). Turn off and add tea leaves. Steep a few minutes. Strain to cups and add generous amount of milk and serve. Sugar can be added to taste.