Jack Champlin, Mayor of Bond Street

August 5, 1926 - April 4, 2014

Jack was officially designated as the mayor of Bond Street by The New York Times in 2003. For 55 years he lived on 26 Bond St. observing and participating in the history of the street. He was a good historian to tell stories of the area now called Noho, and there were many interesting ones including a 19th century murder case. He lived with his partner, Dale Joe, who was a painter of abstract expressionism until his death in 2001. He worked as a fashion illustrator at Family Circle often collaborating with Dale.

Both of them were in the Andy Warhol's circle, and the picture was shot in Jack and Dales' loft. His friends and neighbors heard many anecdotes about their colorful lives with prominent New York artists.
In Jack's Loft
Jack, last row, second from right, Dale, second row, left

He was an ultimate people person and LOVED movies. His knowledge and love of movies, particularly classics, and the people in movies was always a lovely center piece for parties.

Jack and Dale travelled to many exotic countries like India, Brazil, Morocco and Mexico before other travelers found them out. His love of arts went beyond his partner's master works to classic movies and music of Billie Holiday.

Jack was loved by everybody in the neighborhood and beyond including four-legged friends. He was the go-to-person for the people in the neighborhood when they went away. Practically every dog and cat on the Bond Street and Noho areas knew him intimately. Not only animals, Jack also took good care of people. At age 82 his first time running for an elected office, and he won. He was elected to Democratic County Committee in the Primary Election in September 2011.

The cause of death was pneumonia. He was 84, a native of Sierra Madre, California. He was survived by his nephew's wife Jennifer Chamber. His twin brother Richard, his only sibling, passed away several years ago.
Articles about Jack
Here is an album from his 80th birthday celebration on August 5, 2009. The first part of the party was held on the Bond Street, appropriate for the mayor of the Bond, with The Slavic Soul Party playing the music and the singer serenading to Jack. Many of his friends and neighbors gathered and gave him hugs and kisses. In the evening we gathered at Silver Palace in China Town and celebrated his birthday with his favorite cuisine. The party still continued at his friends' place with a birthday cake. There are two videos from the party.
Jack's 80th Birthday Party on Flickr
Jack's 80th Birthday Party on YouTube
Jack's 80th Birthday Party on YouTube Version 2 (better quality)
From Bob and Louise (Jack's cousin) Egan, scenes from the Memorial and more

Stories and Comments

Bruce     2014-04-27 23:44:23
Jack was really a great human being, and I was lucky to have met him. We used to share evening drinks, he would pass me Caipirinhas from his kitchen window, while I was tending the garden on our fire escape.
Meg Williams     2014-04-27 23:40:16
At the first time when we met, Jack, Dale,my husband Bruce and I felt like we've been friends for life.
Arthur Raveson     2014-04-29 09:11:53
Only knew Jack casually, but I liked him a lot. Met him at quite a few dinner parties at Meg and Bruce's and always enjoyed spending a little time catching up. Ran into him in various downtown locations like our local library, from time to time and he was always warm, funny and happy to see me, although I always had to explain who I was, which never bothered me. He was a sweet and lovely guy. Sorry to hear of his passing. He'll definitely be missed. - Arthur Raveson
Kee Rodgers     2016-01-12 13:23:54
I will see you soon. Thinking about you today. Im looking at your framed pencil "Paris 1961" you sent me. Your cousin, Kee Rodgers, Lima, Peru.
Bruce     2017-06-08 16:36:18
Bruce     2017-06-08 16:42:26
Afternoon Drinks!
Bruce     2017-06-08 16:49:06
Caipirinhas in the sun
Bruce     2017-06-08 16:52:57
Caipirinhas' in the sunshine

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