Trip to Venice, Istanbul and beyond:

This time we encountered so many events occurring only once a year all over.  Yes, we went to see the biennial exhibition in Venice , but we did not know same sort of biennial art exhibition was being held in Istanbul .  We went to Selçuk and the hotel personnel told us about the wine festival in Sirince.  One morning the main street of down town Istanbul was full of vintage cars, there was a car rally from Greek town, whose name that I heard but forgot, to Istanbul .  And of course we heard of this a few years ago, but we forgot about it completely.  Yes, the Venice Marathon! 

We had the best and the worst airline food.  Stay away from whatever they call these vile things served on the Hungarian national airline, Malev.  The ticket was very cheap though, and the fastest way to get to Istanbul from Venice .  I, Meg, was wondering if it was really airline food which was served by Air France on the way from Paris to New York .  It was a steak with bearnaise sauce.  The meat was big and tender, the sauce was wonderful.

In both cities, Venice and Istanbul , and in between we had so many rides.  A tram car, minibuses called “dolmus”,  a funicular called “Tünel”, vaporetti, ferry boats, as well as  three different airlines, Air France, Malev and Turkish Air.

Along with the pictures of significant interest, we took the liberty of adding some pictures of the flora and fauna of our destinations.