For those folks who are not so keen about seeing just mundane vacation destination, you may skip this part. Still I didn't include many of picturesque postcard-like photos. Nowadays it became our biennial event to visit Venice Biennale Exhibition. This time we rented an apartment from friends of ours. It is conveniently located very close to two sites of the exhibition and we liked it because it is in almost-only residential area of highly touristy Venice. This time the Euro was up the wazoo against US dollars. Even locals were perplexed with this new currency. They switched totally to Euro just last March. We couldn't have a dinner for less than US$100.00, and finally this time we hit bad food in Venice for the first time. Besides I, Meg, as a big fish eater always wanted cook those gorgeous fish in fish markets all over Venice. So, this time sort of my dream came true. We were close to everything we need for a dinner. We went to local market, which are mostly from carts on Via Garibaldi and bought fish and veggies in the morning. In the evening we took a bottle to go to buy Veneto wine at a little store just around the corner from our apartment. We had many wonderful home cooked seafood dinners. And we were very satisfied with them. Though Biennale was reviewed badly in New York Times, we liked some of it and here are the pictures of our "best in the show".