The Minerva Foundation for Figure Drawing
The Studio and Examples of Our Artists Work

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Interior of Studio
Minerva Durham Teaching
Kate Norberg teaching
Outdoor drawing session in SDR Park
Outdoor drawing session in Washington Square
Class in the Studio
Minerva Lecturing
Class critique in the Studio, 20 minute pose, 2019
Kevin Sacco
pen and ink wash
Ben Mealer
digital drawing, 2020
Bob Palevitz
2 minute drawings, pastel
Charles H. Connelly, instructor
ink and tempera , 2020
Lloyd Bloom
Gene Reilly
acrylic, 2021
Brucius, monitor
pencil and pastel, 2021
Marc Lamantia
conté crayon , 2021
Kathi Kirkpatrick
Anatomic Studies
ink and acrylic 2021
Charles H. Connelly, instructor
collage , 2020
Katsu Goto
acrylic , 2019
Luca Mosca
pen and ink wash, 2019
Scott Moy, monitor
pastel, 2019
Richard Weinstein, monitor
watercolor, 2021
Melanie Enriquez,intern
Minerva Durham, instructor
Anatomic lesson on changes during pregnancy
Minerva Durham, instructor
Motion demonstration, 2019
Harumi Osawa
charcoal, 2020
Bruce Williams, monitor
pastel, 2020
Anonymous Student
Anonymous Student
Susan Yung
watercolor , 2021
Jean Marcellino
pastel, 2016
Tim Paige
digital, 2021
Tsvetelina Zdraveva
pastel, 2019
Greg Follender
conté crayon, 2019
Kimberly Lin
charcoal, 2021
Kate Norberg, instructor
charcoal, 2021